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Strength and Conditioning, Workout, strong women
Strength and Conditioning, Strong men, fitness, conditioning
Youth fitness, strength and conditioning, sports training, health



A place to care for the mind, body, and soul.

OUR VISION: To build a community committed to the development of the mind, body, and soul.

MIND:  The inner, psychological being- regulates thoughts, emotions, reflection, & reasoning.

BODY:  The outward, physical being- movement quality, strength, power, & conditioning.
SOUL:  The heart of an athlete-  character, identity, & purpose. 

Training Facility

The space for strength & conditioning training at Victory was deliberately created with the athlete in mind.  Individuals of all physical caliber may enter the space & train intentionally with the tools provided.  No space for complacency exists within these four walls.

Our Services
At Victory, we use a number of methods to enhance your level of fitness & overall wellness.  Services are specifically provided to address multiple layers of wellness.  Our training emphasizes quality and efficiency in movement to improve individual performance.


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Strength & Conditioning

Learn & perfect fundamental movement techniques within a class setting, addressing several essential aspects of strength & conditioning/ fitness within a 60 minute period.

Youth Athletic Training

Train & develop using techniques specific to sport.  Learn proper biomechanics to enhance speed, power, acceleration & more within the context of your own individual sport, with regard for athlete longevity, in and out of season.

Suitable for all training types and ages!  Enhance muscle repair, recovery & maintenance utilizing tools such as the Normatec compression boots, handheld massage guns, contrast therapy knee sleeves, and more!

Open Gym

Most suitable for gym-goers that are more self-sufficient & independent within their own training- we are specifically seeking those with a greater training age.  Limited memberships available!


**Open gym times coming soon**

1-on-1 coaching is a great option for those with more specific training needs & goals, those newer to training, or for those whose schedule does not align with our group training options.

Your training will be built to suit your individual goals & needs. 

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